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Emerging Macro Retail Trends Webinar: Segmentation reboot - “New” demographics to focus on in the coming decade

21 Nov 2019, 11:00 AM EST

Demographic trends in the coming years will upend stereotype’s and dramatically shift growth opportunities. Some of these trends have already emerged and yet we’re still relying on our old segmentation strategies. Now, is time to reboot your demographic assumptions for the next decade. Learn in this webinar what demographics we expect to the move the needle for sales in the consumer industry and the strategies needed to attract these shoppers. Expect to learn: Differentiate ...


US Consumables Shopper Insights Webinar: Shopper View on Health & Wellness and Beauty

20 Nov 2019, 01:00 PM EST

Shoppers generally have a positive attitude about the state of their current health, and their expectations for their future self are optimistic. However, a majority of shoppers take a reactive stance to health, rather than adopt a proactive regimen. As retailers continue to build their portfolio as health service providers and aim to alleviate shoppers’ pain points, are they adopting the right strategies to address shoppers’ health and wellness needs? Similarly, as half of all ...


Digital Retailing Webinar: Healthcare in a digital world

14 Nov 2019, 11:00 AM EST

Health & Wellness has been a dominant trend for 20+ years. A myriad of categories and brands have transformed their strategies and products to capitalize on consumers’ desires to live their best lives. Now, retailers are evolving their ecosystems to include health & wellness initiatives as top strategic priorities for investment.   Join Kantar to learn more about: The online opportunity in health & wellness Amazon’s ...